Flags are an essential item in the outdoor children’s game, Capture the Flag. It involves two teams of equal players who each have their own flag. This is kept in the “base” of the group. The main objective of each player is to steal the enemy flag and bring it safely back to their own base. If a player is “tagged” then they are out of the game. There are also variations where tagging means that they are frozen in place for some time, must return to team base or become members of the other team.

Capturing the Flag in Video Games

This game is not just popular in the real world. Numerous video games have utilised Capture the Flag as a playing mode. GTA Online is an excellent example of this. The Grand Theft Auto series has been the subject of controversy for years. Numerous publications such as Sky have raised the issue of how violent and offensive these games can be. Despite this, GTA titles are top-rated and lucrative for the industry.

GTA Online is a spin-off of Grand Theft Auto V. Players get to design their own characters and complete a variety of missions. One of these is Capture the Flag. Vehicles and weapons such as firearms and explosives can be used to attack members of the opposing team.

Team Fortress 2 is another excellent example of a game which manages to make this play more exciting and interesting. It is a first-person shooter where teamwork plays an important role. Each player can choose from different characters, each with a critical skill. For instance, medics can heal people and spies can infiltrate bases. There needs to be a good variety of roles for a team to maximise their chances of winning. This will also affect the tactics used.

Capture the Flag is not just limited to gun based games. It can also be found in the medieval title, Chivalry. This is an online team game which recreates battle conditions of the Middle Ages. Capture the Flag is one of the most popular modes that is played. Like Team Fortress 2, players must choose their character wisely. Archers are useful for attacking enemies who have stolen a flag. Meanwhile, knights can quickly charge through enemy bases.