There is no more incredible triumph for those interested in beauty pageants than winning the Miss World contest. Being able to represent your country is a great honour, and contestants are encouraged to show their patriotism by carrying their national flag. Although the competition has moved away from its initial concept in the 1950s, there is no doubt that having a lovely figure can be the key to winning.

Looking Good in a Swimsuit

The very first Miss World contest required that the women wear a bikini, which was quite controversial at the time. Following on from that event, swimsuits were worn instead. It takes a lot of confidence to stand on stage in front of a TV audience of millions wearing just a swimsuit, hoping to fly the flag for your country. Some women may choose to have breast augmentation from Motiva to boost their self-esteem.

Beauty with a Purpose

In the 1980s, it was decided that in the days of equality, that beauty pageants were seen as old-fashioned and even offensive. Rather than the contestants simply being judged on their looks, they were given intelligence and personality tests. But of course, in reality, they still had to have an attractive body shape. Women who feel as though they need a little help in achieving the required look can head to Motiva, where the specialist surgeons will soon put them at ease.

The Crowning Ceremony

Ever since the first event, the top three winners have been announced in reverse order, as this is meant to increase the tension and anticipation. Since 1976, the contestants have appeared at the crowning ceremony dressed in evening wear rather than swimsuits. Many of them choose to adorn their dresses with their national flags. The countries with the most winners are India and Venezuela, followed by Jamaica and the UK.

Miss World is still watched by a global audience and has been joined by other contests such as Miss Universe and Miss International. Women can prove that they not only look beautiful but have the intelligence to match too.