Whether it’s a national flag such as the Union Flag, or one that represents an aspect of a group’s identity such as the Pride Flag – these colourful pieces of fabric can mean a lot to people on personal levels. Flags can draw feelings of pride, loyalty and respect so it’s only natural that many wish to display them in their homes. Continue reading for our guide on incorporating flags into the interior design of your home.


The decoration of walls can be the largest aspect of any interior renovation – with them becoming a significant focal point for visitors to the space. Flags can be ideal for adding some colour to a space, with wallpaper and paint both being an option. Printed wallpapers from https://www.familywallpapers.co.uk/ can be used to add a flag to your room, whether the flag itself forms the pattern of the wallpaper or you select a pattern consisting of the colours in your chosen flag. You can also choose a more neutral pattern/style and then hang your flag on the wall in pride of place. When selecting your colour palette for your walls, always consider the wider furnishings as well as your flag so you can ensure everything is coordinated and nothing stands out in a bad way. Don’t select colours that could clash with the flag you’re using or with any other furnishings and fittings you’ll be using in the room. Paint can be easier to apply than wallpapers if sticking with just one or two colours, whereas wallpapers can allow more creativity and can even come in waterproof and easy-to-clean finishings.


Besides the walls, furnishings are also an important aspect of any room. These are what really breathe life into a space and provide the amenities needed to make a room practical. Choose your furnishings such as sofas, chairs, tables and shelves carefully so that they all co-ordinate with the theme of the room whilst also remaining practical and aesthetically pleasing. A popular choice of furnishing in interior design for enthusiasts of flags is the trusty flagpole. A flagpole can be used as a larger statement piece in the room and they come in a wide range of designs and sizes. The flagpole can also be used for their traditional use of hanging the flag you wish to display in your home.


When making the decision to use a flag in your interior design, it’s important to ensure you’re being respectful to that flag and what it represents. Particularly when it comes to national flags, many countries and cultures will have specific rules surrounding how the flag can be used and what would be seen as disrespectful. A well-known flag code is that of the United States, with it being required that the US flag is always kept clean and isn’t in a state of disrepair when being flown. The flag code for the US also states that the flag shouldn’t be used in specific ways – such as being used for clothing. If it’s the UK flag you’re using, research the correct way to display it (as the Union Flag does have a correct way – though not always known). Whatever flag you’re wishing to display, do your research beforehand so you can keep things respectful and in line with any cultural views.