The flag which belongs to the United States of America is perhaps the most well-known banner in the entire world. This is likely because US media is consumed by a wide range of people. For instance, Hollywood films such as Rocky 4 contain a large number of American flags. This movie was one of the most watched titles worldwide in 1985.

The design of the flag has a certain amount of symbolic significance. There are thirteen horizontal red and white stripes which dominate the main space. These signify the British colonies which became independent from Great Britain and formed the early United States. In the top left corner of this flag is a blue rectangle. Inside this are fifty small white stars which represent the various states of America. This flag has many nicknames which include the Star-Spangled Banner, Stars and Stripes, as well as Old Glory.

During the American Civil War, the South of this country separated and formed their own flag. This was called the Confederate flag and featured a blue cross on a red background. Inside the cross were stars representing the Confederate states.