The Lord of the Rings outstanding film trilogy is an epic saga directed by Peter Jackson. He has adapted the story from J. R. R. Tolkien’s expansive books. It is set in the fantasy world of Middle Earth, a land which is inhabited by magical creatures.

Wars are often being raged between the forces of good and evil. These battles tend to portray humans as the heroes and orcs as the villains. The books describe the various banners which the soldiers wield to boost morale. The films show a large number of these flags on screen.


Aragorn is one of the main heroes of the story and heir to the throne. He takes part in several decisive battles against the orcs. His own standard has a blue and white colour scheme. There is a tree in the centre along with seven stars.


The Easterlings are humans who have chosen to fight for the side of evil. As the name suggests, they come from the eastern side of Middle Earth. Their main flag is red and yellow with a menacing looking serpent which dominates the space.


The elves fight side by side with humans in the main war against the dark lord Sauron. News publications such as the Daily Mail have noted how revered these creatures are to fans of the series. One of their banners has a yellow border with an image of the ocean in the centre. This likely represents the elve’s version of an afterlife, which is seen at the end of the story.


This is one of the leading human strongholds, which is often under attack from orcs. The banner seen being held by the soldiers of Gondor is similar to that of Aragorn’s. It retains the same blue and white colours. However, there are only three stars.

Minas Tirith

Minas Tirith is the capital of Gondor and one of the main targets of the orc army. This city is known for the white tree which stands in its citadel. This is the same tree that can be seen on the flags of Gondor and Aragorn. The flag of Minas Tirith itself is similar except it has a black and white colour scheme.


The orcs are the main threat of the story. They do battle with the armies of good throughout the books and films. The banners they wield are battered and crude, in keeping with the nature of these creatures. They tend to be black and red with a smeared skull in the centre.


Horses are an essential animal to this group of people. Therefore a stallion appears on their flag. They wave these banners while riding horses into battle.