For centuries the country of Russia was ruled over by a Tsar. However, after the famous revolution, this country was taken over by supporters of communism. In 1923, Russia was given a new state flag which reflected the change in their political policies and society.

This continued to be used to represent the Soviet Union and its occupied states until its eventual collapse in 1991. It has been given various nicknames including the Red Banner, as well as the Hammer and Sickle. The flag has a very recognisable and straightforward design. The background is a solid red colour. The significance of this is that a red flag was used as a symbol for revolution by workers in 1917.

At the centre of the flag is the image of a hammer and sickle which are intertwined. This represents the union of agriculture and industry. These were two critical sectors for the Soviet Union. This image is also meant to show the union of workers and peasants. At the top of this is a gold star which represents the Communist Party. This design is now used by other communist entities not affiliated with Russia.